Wednesday 5 September 2012

Open Access Journal Bmc Plant Biology-Chronic Conditions-Endurance Athletes-Athletic Training

Can Athletic Training Cause Asthma?

An estimated 8% of Olympian athletes have asthma. In fact asthma is one of the most commonly seen chronic conditions among top athletes. It is endurance athletes who are seen to have the highest incidence of asthma. So is there any link between asthma and athletic training? And is it likely that athletic training causes [...] read more..

Pollen-Free House Plants For Hay Fever Sufferers

New research published in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Plant Biology shows how targeting two bacterial genes into an ornamental plant (Pelargonium), can produce long-lived and pollen-free plants. Pelargoniums ('Geraniums' and 'Storkbills') have been cultivated in Europe since the 17th century and are now one of the most popular garden and house plants around the world... read more..

Sense Of Smell-Brain Changes-Mold Allergy-Summer Cold

Brain Changes After A Stuffed Nose Protect The Sense Of Smell

Has a summer cold or mold allergy stuffed up your nose and dampened your sense of smell? We take it for granted that once our nostrils clear, our sniffers will dependably rebound and alert us to a lurking neighborhood skunk or a caramel corn shop ahead. That dependability is no accident... read more..

Allergists Available to All at Aeriusa Allergy Clinic in Montreal and Laval Shopping Malls - Merck

From August 14 to August 26, the public will be able to meet allergists and ask their questions at the Allergy Clinics MONTREAL, Quebec, Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - Following the great success of the Allergy Clinics in past years, Merck Consumer Care is pleased to host for a third consecutive year, the Allergy Clinic in local shopping malls. read more..