Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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19 Weeks And Counting...

I'm at the 19 week mark as of last Thursday.  This week will put me at the half way point.  I feel like things went really slow in the beginning, but now they seem to be flying by.This week I have my monthly O.B. appointment and my level 2 Ultra Sound (which I swear they did at my genetic counselling appointment, but when I questioned them on it, they said no).I did manage to run out last Sunday and buy some maternity clothes.  I won't tell you what I spent because you'd fall off your chair, but I got everything I need for right now (except I could use a few more tops, but I don't like maternity T-Shirts so I'll keep looking).  I bought:4 pairs of pants4 tops2 packages of maternity undies (I realize these aren't for everyone, but they work for me.)2 maternity P.J.'s1 Dress (for Easter and for the Little Man's First Communion)I found my items at J.C. Penney and Motherhood Maternity.  I like J.C. Penney the best.  I feel like they had nice things, at good prices for "the older mom".  I'm pregnant.  I don't need to be trendy, just comfortable.Speaking of comfort, my back has been bothering me.  I did not have back pain with the other two, but this time I have lower back discomfort.  It's not debilitating, but I prefer not to have to bend over or bend down too much (I think weeding the flower beds will be out for me this year).  Due to not wanting to bend down, I've taken to only wearing slip on shoes.  Again, they may not be fashionable but they do the trick.  
My shoe of choice:  Crocs.  Luckily we have a Croc outlet not too far from our house, so I already had a nice supply of Crocs on hand.
All of these are Crocs except for the black shoes with the gold buckle.  A girls got to do what a girls got to do.
I also purchased a few baby items with week. I bought a few outfits, some bootie socks, burp cloths, and the travel system.  The travel system cost more than I wanted to spend, but I really wanted a light weight stroller.  Our last one weighed 25 pounds and it was almost impossible to load and unload from the back of our SUV.  This one weighs 16 pounds and folds smaller.
I also wanted a good infant car seat.  This baby has already been in one car accident (back in early December before I even knew I was pregnant) so I want to make sure that he's as protected as he can be.  I shopped around and I found the best price on  It was about $70.00 cheaper than Babies R Us and it had free shipping.
So things are moving along nicely.
And in other news:  The boys are back to being healthy.  But Hubs now has it.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get it.  I feel like the last man standing.
Well, it's dinner time and I can hear hungry grumbles coming from the basement (they are watching NCAA and the Cavs at the same time) so I better get off the computer and get cooking.
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