Monday, 7 May 2012

Cannabis Sativa Plant-Medicinal Marijuana-Hay Fever Symptoms-Allergic Reactions

Marijuana Allergy

Marijuana has become increasingly popular over the past many decades as a medicinal and recreational drug. While still outlawed in most states in the U.S., some states have approved the use of "medicinal marijuana". Derived from the buds and flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant, marijuana has been linked to many allergic reactions over the years. These reactions have included hay fever symptoms from the plant pollen, common in the summer months in areas where marijuana is cultivated or grows wild. Other reactions have occurred from smoking marijuana, due to not only the plant allergen but also as a result of mold contamination of the marijuana. Lastly, people have even experienced urticaria and angioedema from eating marijuana in herbal teas and in those infamous "brownies". Learn more about the possible symptoms of marijuana allergy....Read Full Post read more..

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