Thursday 9 August 2012

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Allergy Therapeutics plc: FDA Clinical Hold Lifted

August 03, 2012 -- Allergy Therapeutics plc, , the specialist pharmaceutical company focused on allergy vaccination, today announces that the FDA has confirmed that the clinical hold in the US dated 2007 has now been lifted on the Company's grass pollen allergy vaccine clinical development programme, with immediate effect. read more..

Infants exposed to specific molds have higher asthma risk

In the United States, one in ten children suffers from asthma but the potential environmental factors contributing to the disease are not well known. Researchers now report new evidence that exposure to three types of mold during infancy may have a direct link to asthma development during childhood. read more..

What sets allergies in motion?

Scientists have identified a group of proteins that determine how cells react to allergens, and two of them may hold the key to future preventative medications. When the chain of events leading to an allergic reaction is fully understood, she says, drugs can be developed to inhibit the initial reaction, relieving sufferers of their symptoms. read more..


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