Wednesday 21 March 2012

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OTC Allergy Meds and Controlling Allergies

Like anywhere in the US, there are a variety of over-the-counter cold/flu and allergy medications that can be found in nearly any convenience store, pharmacy, or supermarket. Currently 41 of all 50 states have laws specifically regulating pseudoephedrine, including GA. However, some states, like Oregon and Mississippi have taken this a step further and required prescriptions for the purchase of OTC medications that contain pseudoephedrine. This includes things like Sudafed, Actifed, Allegra D, Claritin-D, TheraFlu and MucinexD.With more states leaning towards requiring a prescription for these types of OTC, conventional wisdom would say that getting Claritin-D to tamp down allergic reactions is going to get more difficult. Rather than need immediate allergy relief but be stuck trying to schedule a doctor's appointment to get a prescription, it might be a good time to consider taking control of your indoor environment.By properly maintaining your indoor environment, even during allergy season you can remain reaction free, healthy, and breathing easy. For seasonal allergies, there are a variety of ways you can prep your home, and with a very mild winter this year, allergy season is literally already here for many part of the countryOne of the least expensive ways to immediately improve indoor air quality is to replace your furnace filter. Most replaceable furnace filters are electrostatic and due to the nature of this type of filtration, by three months, most are to the point where they simply cannot filter anymore allergens. Alternatively, permanent filters, like Newtron filters can be rinsed, air dried, and used over and over again.If you plan on opening the windows to allow the spring breeze in, you may want to consider a window filter. With replaceable filter media, REP filters are quick and easy way to keep most of the pollen out of your home while allowing air to circulate.As the pollen counts start to soar, if you need to spend time outdoors, a mask is a simple but effective way to block allergens. There are a variety of masks that target particles allergens like grass and tree pollen, dander, and ragweed.One of our favorites is the Silk Mask. The reason why we like this mask so much is that it's likely the most comfortable mask you'll ever wear, it is hand washable and thus reusable, and lastly, it's very effective in blocking particle allergens. It also folds easily and stores well in your pocket or purse.For more effective personal filtration, there are tighter sealing and NIOSH rated respirators and masks, like the AllergyZone N95 mask, Respro Allergy masks and a variety of 3M products.So regardless of what your state's legislation determines in regards to pseudoephedrine, you can relief allergies effectively without pharmaceuticals by controlling your indoor environment and limiting exposure to allergens and irritants. read more..

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