Monday 19 March 2012

Watercolor Paint-Pencil Sketch

Homeschool: Week 17

Introduce Blends: st, gr, sp, br
Add to Families using Blends: stick, Stan, stand, still, stop, stock, stuff, stack, Greg, grill, spit, spin, spun, speck, spill, spot, spent, brick, Brad, brand, brag, Brent
Writing: br, gr, ?, sp, br
Reading: On the Trail
Graham picked this up off the shelf instead of painting like Miles. I loved the initiative and the concentration! He stuck with this through several puzzles. I love watching his little fingers squish all the pieces together just so when he's done...making sure there's no space.
Since Miles doesn't quite write his numbers correctly, I'm trying to start Graham a little earlier. So far he enjoys tracing and writing them. Dry erase markers are always fun, too. Check out that tongue.
FIAR: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
I wasn't sure how much the boys would dig the poetic style to this book, but they loved it. We paid a lot of attention to the pencil art, and that really intrigued them.
Miles even asked to make his own version. Here is his pencil sketch of snowy woods with a colored image of the man in the poem. I absolutely love this! The ear muffs are a great touch. :)
We made snowflake baked tortillas. Mmmmmm!
We went to the IL State Museum with some homeschool friends. The children's room is fantastic. The boys did some fossil digging, looked through powerful microscopes, and Miles took apart and reassembled this foam skeleton. I am so proud of his desire to learn and explore.
Graham also paid very good attention to the tour guide.
Miles wanted to watercolor paint after he gave pencil sketching a try. He tried to do black and white paint with a splash of color, just like in our FIAR book. But he got a little frustrated that it was harder to do with paint than with pencil, because paint is his favorite.
Miles loves homemade bread and asked if we could make it every day. So I thought it would be fun to teach him how to make it. We wrote out a "kid friendly" recipe card so he could make it later "by himself". We shared this first loaf with our Bible Study so we could have a reason to make more soon. In the next few days, Miles did make a batch pretty much by himself. I just had to make sure he used the right measuring cups and spoons. But it turned out great, and this may be one of his new "jobs". :)
Jeff and I teach the Sunday School class once a month. So I took some pictures the last time we were in there. We are so glad the class is "food-free" so Miles is safe in there. It only took 6+ years for us to finally feel good putting our kiddies in a church room without us. At our church, Miles will be back in the service with us soon. But for now, he is enjoying this time with his friends and learning about Jesus. It's a sweet time for all of us. read more..

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