Sunday 11 March 2012

Quick Blog

Just a quick blog post...

I'm here - I'm alive! 
B started second grade last month - can you believe it???  She had a rocky start with drop offs.  Tears!  I know it's due to the separation, but even when you know the reason, it's still hard to see your usually confident little girl break down each day when you leave. Thankfully, drop off is MUCH better - I get a few hugs and kisses and off she goes to learn.  The last few weeks it's been about Whales (and Narwhals - did you know these things were actually real?  I sure didn't!).
Other than that, we're just settling in to the school year.  I'm settling in to my new normal as a single woman - it's bizarre and empowering all at once.  My new normal is becoming, well, normal for me.
On the peanut front, we'll be heading to the Bay Area FAAN walk in a few weeks - hopefully I'll run into some of you there.
I've got a few product reviews in the works and a book review.  Stay tuned! read more..

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