Thursday, 8 March 2012

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Allergy Certifications and Seals

In the industry that is allergy relief, just as with any market, there are a variety of products and providers available. One thing that manufacturers often do is proudly display any certifications they have attained for their products. But what do these seals and badges really mean or signify?Certifications can vary greatly across a wide spectrum. Some certifications come from large, non-profit organizations while others are literally run out someone's basement. This has been and continues to be a huge problem in the area of green products and environmentally friendly certification. As a new market, this space has seen a flood of certification programs that are little more than a money-grab.As any industry matures, the field of certifications offered, thins, and typically a select few will rise to the top of the certification list. In the case of green products, EnergyStar, LEED, and the new UL Environment certifications seem to have come out on top.For allergy and asthma products, which seals carry the most weight? Allergy & Asthma Frendly? AHAM? Organic certifications? The logos look great, but again, what do those seals measure and mean to you?Because seals and certifications are meant to inspire confidence as well as approval of a product, take the time to see what the ACTUAL standards are behind any seal or certification. If you cannot find the standards, criteria or testing guidelines, this can signal serious credibility issues with the seal.Seal or certification programs help to provide a much needed baseline when measuring and comparing similar products or services against each other. However, they are just one factor, in a list of many, that you should consider when making an informed decision about any product or service that concerns your health. read more..

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