Wednesday 28 March 2012

University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine-Negative Health Effects-Allergic Inflammation

Gut Bacteria Control Allergic Diseases

When poet Walt Whitman wrote that we "contain multitudes," he was speaking metaphorically, but he was correct in the literal sense. Every human being carries over 100 trillion individual bacterial cells within the intestine - ten times more cells than comprise the body itself... read more..

Inner weapons against allergies: Gut bacteria control allergic diseases, study suggests

Researchers have found that commensal bacteria in humans might play an important role in influencing and controlling allergic inflammation. The study suggest that therapeutic targeting of immune cell responses to resident gut bacteria may be beneficial in treating allergic diseases. read more..

Early-life exposure to secondhand smoke affects girls more than boys, new study suggests

The negative health effects of early-life exposure to secondhand smoke appear to impact girls more than boys -- particularly those with early-life allergic sensitization, according to new research from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. read more..

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