Saturday 10 March 2012

Natural Antihistamines-Antihistamine Tablets-Hay Fever Relief-Extreme Reaction-Meat Substitute

Hay Fever Relief: Do Natural Antihistamines Really Work?

If you suffer from hay fever, you probably run to the pharmacy to get a new batch of antihistamine tablets at the first sight of pollen… and the fact that researchers don’t really know why your body has such an extreme reaction to such a harmless product is probably no help at all! You may [...] read more..

Creating A Vegetarian Cutlet

It looks like a cutlet, it's juicy and fibrous like a cutlet, and it even chews with the consistency of a real cutlet - but the ingredients are 100 percent vegetable. Researchers are using a new method to prepare a meat substitute that not only tastes good, but is also environmentally sustainable... read more..

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