Thursday 15 March 2012

Food Allergies

2011: The Year In Review

The Resolutions
Resolutions?  Yes, I've made a few.  So how did I do?
1.  Get Organized: I did not get more organized.  I tried, but there's still work to do.  I shouldn't say that I totally failed at this one.  I did get a smart phone in 2011 and use an incredible calendar app and now I feel like my schedule is more organized.  Organization is a work in process.  I'm still working on that so stay tuned.
2.  Exercise More:  It was a bit sporadic but I really did exercise more.  Did I lose weight?  No, I gained it :(
3.  Menu Plan:  Again, it was sporadic, but I did menu plan more.  It makes dinner easier to get together, but I don't save any money by doing it.  Clearly I need to revamp what I'm doing.  Again, a work in process
Most of the trees made it back including my river birch.  2 of the trees we ended up ripping out in the spring anyway as they were contributing to ice damming in the roof and thus our attic was wet and full of mold.  There were other issues that factored into this, but the trees played a part so even though it was painful, we cut them down. (We also had to add ice guard and some other roof work along with mold remediation and it's all better now)
Spring Cleaning and St. Joseph's Day At School
I totally got the entire main level spring cleaned.  The upstairs, not so much.  I ran out of daylight.  Maybe this year.  Hubs and the Little Man had a wonderful time at the St. Joseph's Day event at the school.  I worked the whole thing and made the Little Man his own food so it was allergy safe for him.
Food Allergy Blood Work (RAST Testing)
Nothing changed.  He didn't add any new allergies, but numbers didn't go down either.  It was disappointing.
The Little Man Talks About Food Allergies
You get it straight from the source.
The Father's Day/Fishing Lure In The Leg Incident
Not how they intended to spend Father's Day... in the ER.
I love the beach!
The Little Man Starts Tae Kwon Do
And he still loves it.
Soccer and Ohio State
Good times were had by all.
Halloween is BIG at our house.
Thanksgiving 2011
I made it through and it really was a wonderful day.
It truly was a wonderful holiday.
Looking back throughout the year helps to solidify the knowledge of how blessed I am.  Yes, we had some mishaps (trips to the ER... 3 in all I believe... all the Little Man...) but we had much more good times than bad and we had a lot of fun along the way.
I hope 2012 brings more of the same... for us and for you. read more..

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